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  Salt Cave Shamanic Journey - see details below Only 1 spot left 

You can listen to Georgia's music or visit her art by clicking on the link.     


Spirit Girl Prosperity Seed Cards are now available! They're amazing and waiting to shower you in abundance. Here's a sample:

11. Engage. Find someone like-minded and engage in conversation or collaboration for anything your heart desires. Ideas are

the currency of the Universe.

Spirit Girl counting dollars borne of prosperous thoughts


Spirit Girl Seeds have turned into beautifully designed cards you can hold in your hand and draw from daily. These are magical seed cards planted in the garden of your mind to help you grow. They were designed to awaken the bearer to new possibilities.   These cards have been infused with Spirit Girl psychic energy. As you telepathically connect with each card, a seed is planted in your mind to help you be and experience all that you are. Now for the unbelievably low price of only $19.97 per pack (52 cards per pack), you can begin your personal journey through the Spirit Girl Garden today. Each deck is encased in an easy to carry organza draw string bag. Take Spirit Girl Seeds along to your next party, dinner with the girls or beach day and share the joy. They are the perfect gift for birthdays or wedding favors.  Keep Spirit Girl Seeds on hand to make any occasion special.  


with Georgia March

 is natural. It is a method of connecting with your inner self and one of the oldest mystical experiences. Imagine visiting a Medicine Woman who has the answers to everything you’ve always wanted to know right inside your mind. Add to this experience timeless healing in the safety of a salt cave and you have the perfect elements for an incredible journey. Join Georgia as she shares her gifts in the sacred cave and enlighten your soul.   

Date: Friday Sept 28, 2018

Time: 7:00 p.m.

Location: Harmony Wellness Center, Tillsonburg, On

There are limited spaces and this unbelievable unique offer is available for only $50 + hst

Act now to reserve your place. Contact Georgia 519 433 8287 or Christine 519 409 0904

or [email protected]

Akashic Records

 The, Akashic Record also known as, ‘The Book of Life’ is believed to hold vital information concerning each person throughout this and all previous lifetimes. Wow! That’s huge. It is possible to access the records and eliminate outmoded systems, beliefs and habits that are blocking your forward momentum. The proof of the existence of the Akashic Records was, documented and recorded in studies made by Edgar Cayce in the 1930’s. Cayce visited the Akashic Records on people’s behalves to assist in medical and other issues with dramatic results.

Here’s what happens. The Akashic Records are accessed through a trance state that opens the door to an enlightened dimension. During this process you are never alone. Georgia is there to insure safe passage as you navigate this other-worldly realm. Once there; it is possible to release repeated patterns from this and all previous lifetimes. These are blocks that no longer serve you and inhibit your spiritual and earthly progression. Releasing these blocks does not have to take hours, days or months, it can happen instantly. The best part is that you can return to the records as often as you like. Each visit brings profound change. Here’s what people said:

“Wow is the word I will use to express how I felt about it. I hadn't gone that deep in trance before. My experience with the meditation and visualization throughout the initial part with regards to clearing the cache had an impact on me.” Rene S.

“My first choice would be the Akashic Records because for me this is going to the Source.” Patty K.

“It was great to access the Akashic Records and realize what my major block to prosperity is”. Pat P.

“I really like the Akashic Records meditation----as you probably know!!!”

Some of these clients have had such astounding results they have returned several times. What are you waiting for? This quote from Albert Einstein says it all. “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” If you feel like you have been riding the same merry-go-round isn’t it time to get off. The Akashic Records hold the key that opens doors. 

Call 519 433 8287 to reserve.

... Georgia March Spirit Girl 

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 Shamanic Healer  

"Georgia is the real deal.  She quickly and intuitively gets to the heart of your issues to help you with whatever healing is needed.  I feel blessed to have experienced her shamanic healing journeys to clear, receive messages, and become one with my whole self.  She has a gentleness about her that leaves you feeling more connected and empowered.  Thank you Georgia!"

Susan Regier

Do you feel as if part of you is missing? Soul retrieval may be the answer. Georgia is also available for Psychic  Readings which  can be done in-person or remotely via Skype or telephone and Energy Clearing for houses and buildings. Bookings: 519 433 8287 call or text


I love these cards! They really thrill me! I'm going to use them at all my Lesada client appointments to break the ice and set a positive exciting tone to the appointment.  And I'm pretty sure I'll be choosing one every day with my daughter at breakfast.  Leanne

What Terry Lopez wrote about an Angel Reading

Good morning Georgia:

I just wanted to send you a special thank-you for the wonderful reading yesterday.

I have never had a phone reading and found it amazing. I am still thinking about it.

I had a beautiful dream last night and you where there. You gave me the most beautiful purple ring to wear.

Thanks so much for everything and I will refer others to you. Especially now that I have had a reading over the 

These seeds kept me feeling good when I was going through a difficult time ...

It's amazing how a few words have made such a difference in my life ....

It was as if Spirit Girl was listening specifically to me ....Joanne D.

What Patty Keffer said about Cell Level Healing

I found that the cell level healing very healing and transforming. Georgia is a wonderful  positive and inspiring women who provides a safe, comfortable and caring environment where I could experience the cell level healing with confidence in the knowledge that this process works.  I would do this more than once to receive all the benefits.   Love.  ❤️❤️❤️

What Kim wrote about a Spirit Girl Seed:

You are love. You don’t have to do anything else today simply be what you are. Spirit Girl tugging on your heart strings

Wow Georgia, thank you so much for this very simple and profound message. What will it take for us ALL to simply BE this!? Kim M.

Dear Georgia 

I am so happy to have become situated along the path of these beautiful seeds floating on the breezes from you - such lovely gifting and well wishes. ... Seeds taking lodge in my space here!!  

My healing path is emerging and it is filled with growth and such good energy.

So I want to send my THANK YOU for your seeds Georgia Spirit Girl! You touch my heart, my life.  With love, Sue

Thank you for my morning smile Georgia!

I do enjoy receiving your seeds! Kim

Your seed about having enough time came at the Perfect TIME. Thank u! Love Mariat

Shamanic Seminars Testimonials

Was impressed, very knowledgeable. G. Jenner

Well presented; clear, organized and thoughtful. B. Godsoe

Wow! Bill M.