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The subconscious mind is our protector and when something bad happens it goes into automatic pilot repeating patterns it believes will protect you or it will encourage you to escape, block out and reward unhealthy behaviors. The flaw is in the subconscious belief that what worked once for one experience when you were a little child is still valid. Every experience deserves a fresh approach and here's the good news; hypnosis works fast because once the subconscious mind is engaged the conscious mind is ready. It's as if the answer was there all the along and you didn't know how to access it and now it is possible to completely change your memory patterns permanently through Supervening a way of re-writing your history that will blow your mind.

SUPERVENING, Georgia's Story continued

For many years I’ve been an artist. I worked with a variety of mediums. Although I could draw or paint people they didn’t really look like the subject I drew. I wanted to be a good portrait artist. While I thought about this a memory surfaced. When I was a child my father drew pictures of nude women. He went off on his own to my parent’s bedroom. A while later; he would come out and show us the drawings. They were good. They were an accurate representation of the photos of women he drew from. Employing the Supervening process I decided to change the picture I remembered. This is what I came up with. I saw myself as a seven or eight year old sitting beside my Dad on our red sofa. In this new image we were both drawing horses. The subject had to be something that was appropriate for a seven year old to feel comfortable drawing. Horses, like people have a challenging body form to draw. In this new vision, neither of us spoke; it was simply a pleasant scene to look at, a pleasant experience.

Without effort a few times through the day this new picture popped into my head for a matter of seconds. I’d smile and it would go away again. Within a week or so I had an urge to draw portraits. I took photos of my friends to work from. The results were amazing. Everyone I drew looked like their photos. Strangers who saw the portraits were impressed. That wasn’t the only result I gained from inserting a new image into my memory. A few weeks later I was commissioned to do two identical portraits of twins. This is something I never would have contemplated doing before applying the Supervening process. While I was working on those pictures I developed a totally unique right brained method of drawing people that was easy and revolutionary. It wasn’t something I figured out; it happened automatically. Now I teach that method to other artists.

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This is just one of many success stories drawn from case histories during a 2018 study of the Supervening Program. The book, SUPERVENING, Rewriting Your History Permanently by Georgia March will be out in August 2019. More about that later. In the meantime here's more about the program.


Do you find yourself returning to the same pattern every year? Meeting the same kind of people or find yourself ending up in similar situations over and over again? You think this time is going to be different; I've learned that lesson and then BAM! You're right back where you started clawing your way out again. Supervening is a way out of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Empathic feelings , Phobias, Fears and Mental Blocks that stop your Success.

The Supervening Program is designed around "the view that mental events supervene upon physical ones," which is great news for you. Imagine creating a better tomorrow for you today by literally re-writing your past, changing it to something you desire and then cementing the new picture and a new system into your mind through hypnosis. This isn't a one off. The program continues to work on new issues as they transpire. It is possible and through an extensive study group there are proven results of the program's effectiveness.

This revolutionary unique technique was developed exclusively by Georgia March. Remember to book an appointment now. Be one of the first to experience this unbelievable gift because you're worth it and it's as easy as...

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DREAM BUILDING with GEORGIA A 12 week coaching course and dream life generator.

During this dynamic and fun training you will have an opportunity to define, design, experience your dream and receive the blueprint for how to turn your greatest possibilities into success again and again.


  • Learn Mastermind Keys and unlock the power of the mind
  • Proven forward thinking-strategies and techniques
  • Discover what causes financial $SUCCESS$
  • Install a, 'New Thought' operating system because its what you've been looking for

As you meet weekly with Georgia March to map your progress and as you develop these tried and tested processes you will step into your dream. . Who is Georgia? She is a hypnotist, speaker, author and master life coach with over 30 years experience.

You will be held accountable as improved health, prosperity and better relationships develop and your life takes off.

This program is only available to individuals who are tired of running on the same hamster wheel of repeated patterns and are ready to claim success.

Enroll today and receive a BONUS of an additional complimentary session

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Prices for groups are set on a per person basis. Large groups are eligible for a reduced rate depending on numbers. Group packages are also designed specifically with your requirements in mind.


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