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Part-time private investigator and handyman, Harry Hanover, is back. Unfortunately, he’s also behind bars in Brazil where he can’t speak the lan​guage and is losing hope. A scream in the night alerts Kara MacDonald, Harry’s best friend and most reliable employer, to his plight. Kara abandons Ontario and her love life to get to him. Lloyd Jarvis, Kara’s neighbour and geriatric wannabe race car driver, leaves a trail of angry motorists in his wake in a mad dash to get Kara to the airport on time.

Meanwhile, back in London, a spate of unexplained criminal activity leads Detective Thorne of the London Police to Kara’s house where there has been an explosion of crimes and the only witnesses are Marlene, her psychic neighbour, and Bastet, the cat. Tangled in a web of kidnappers, stalkers, and bikers that take easy riding to a new level, Harry gets more than his fifteen minutes of fame when unsolicited videos make the web. Will Harry’s sleuthing skills be enough to solve the mystery when he goes viral on crime?

Georgia March once again gives her readers mayhem, adventure, and an intricate plot, orchestrated with finesse and humour. With characters that seemed to jump off the page and into my heart, I didn’t want to put this down and was sorry to see it end. – L.M. Verde, Editor

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Non Fiction

Forget the old concept that you’re chained to a life of misery because of a big bad story that keeps running in your head. There is no reason to believe it and every reason not to.

March cares about the crap you’re living because of that damned story and offers a powerful, permanent way to change it.

Supervening is an eye-opening, rewriting your history hypnosis program that goes beyond reason to unscramble the subconscious mind. It’s pleasant and easy to follow. Illustrations paint a clear picture of why you think what you do and how to get over it. Relief and proof are realized in compelling, powerful personal stories from clients who move out of despair into a new, exciting and Super way of being.

Who’s listening to your story, the one buried in your heart? Supervening is the tool you need to focus in a new pivotal direction that makes for inspiring stories, better responses and ultimately your story, your life and your dreams come true.



London, Canada. Harry Hanover, a slovenly, part-time private investigator and handyman is making half-hearted attempts to find a job and get his elderly mother off his back. Life heats up when a stray dog adopts Harry,

he lands work at a haunted house, and develops an immediate attraction to the new home owner, Kara MacDonald, a fresh-faced television script writer from Toronto. As they attempt to restore the old Victorian, Kara unearths Harry’s past indiscretions and discovers that living with a ghost is no recipe for domestic bliss.

After a gun-toting, elderly neighbour is attacked, Harry is arrested as the prime suspect in a series of crimes including murder. Meanwhile, Kara does her best to ignore the ghost as she clears up the mess Harry leaves behind. The luckless sleuth is released, only to be arrested again when he follows up a lead from the homeowner’s cat.

It’s clear that Harry is a credible detective as he joins forces with a feisty group of seniors who are gung-ho to follow the clues and find the killer. Do they have a ghost of a chance?

A self help book on how humour, taming monkey mind, creating a money honey and doing other easy exercises can give you happiness, help you attract love and increase your

wellness and vitality. It will give you enormous power and stop you from getting wrinkles. If you don’t believe that at least you’ll learn how to enjoy the time you have left, ha, ha, ha!

This fictional novel is a magical, amusing tale of unexpected mystery and danger set in exotic Turkey. Unexpected danger ensnares two belly dancers from Istanbul who tackle it with light-hearted ease until their efforts are met with sinister

results. At the same time a Canadian woman and her boyfriend venture through the centre of Turkey experiencing calamity and chaos as they invest in property. Sequentially, two cats relay their own history and ideas of justice as construction moves in and infringes on their territory. All parties converge on the idyllic seaside village of Kas for an explosive conclusion.

Step into Shamanic Footsteps and learn the benefits of this magical alternative medicine for the soul. Through communication with ancestors and the spirit world the Shaman restores

harmony and brings oneness to both the physical and emotional body. This amazing book unlocks the mystery between metaphysical and ordinary reality. It provides clarity, remarkable examples of Shamanism in progress and practical exercises.


Georgia March is currently working on a sequel to The Trouble With Harry.

When she is not writing she is also a hypnotist and a spiritual explorer who

believes laughter and mystery are the cure for pretty much anything. Besides having fun writing, she paints and makes music.

"You're going to make up a lot of stories in your lifetime. If you read a lot of good ones it may influence the ones you live with." ~Georgia March

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Georgia March & David Simpson are the force behind Eclectic Voice a jazz and blues band offering an eclectic mix of smooth and sizzling music for public and private functions. Click on the link to hear their album, which features Ray Ovington on drums.

'Inappropriate Shoes'

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