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Forget the old concept that you’re chained to a life of misery because of a big bad story that keeps running in your head. There is no reason to believe it and every reason not to. Did you know that the crap you’re living now is because of that damned story? Are you ready for a powerful way to change it permanently through the Supervening Program. If the answer is YES, then you're in the right place and there's no time like the present.

Supervening is an eye-opening, rewriting your history hypnosis program that goes beyond reason to unscramble the subconscious mind. It’s pleasant and easy to follow and gives a clear picture of why you think what you do and how to get over it. Relief and proof are realized in compelling, powerful personal stories from clients who moved out of despair into a new, exciting and Super way of being. Supervening can be done in groups or individually as a workshop or in sessions tailored to suit your business and personal need.

What's your story? If you are a person who has labels attached to your name such as; ptsd, victim, not good enough, depressed, sad or any others you can think of Supervening is the tool you need to focus in a new pivotal direction that makes for inspiring stories, better responses and ultimately your story, your life and your dreams come true. Your subconscious mind has beliefs and ideas about you based on an unstable past. It's not the entire story or necessarily true. The thing is that story can be changed. I'm not talking about putting a positive spin on it or giving reasons for why it happened, I'm talking about changing that story completely and succeeding where you have failed before whether you want more clients, more money, better relationships , improved health or happiness, you can have it all by changing your story. I knew you wouldn't necessarily believe me so I ran a 2018 study group to prove the program works and now you can have the benefit of it. and your pastGeorgia wants you to feel like a SUPERBEING so what about you? Are you ready to soar? The program includes:

  • One 2 hour From Supervening To Supervening Session with 1 hour of hypnosis
  • Four 1 hour consulting and hypnosis sessions
  • a copy of the book, From Supervening To Superbeing, valued at $26.50
(buy now and receive and additional 1 hour consulting and hypnosis session for free)
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Prosperity Intensive program

feel your way into wealth

The Prosperity Intensive workshop

Do you wonder why prosperity eludes you?

Find answers and strategies with the Prosperity Intensive program

created to build your personal wealth.

Learn through experience as you progress through the steps of the action workshop:

  • Specially designed exercises that help you recognize and release scarcity patterns from this and previous lifetimes.
  • Money Matters, a process developed exclusively by Georgia, in which participants physically and emotionally experience the ‘feeling’ of perpetual prosperity.
  • Learn to attract prosperity at will, once that feeling has been practiced and memorized.
  • Guaranteed follow-up AFTER CARE program.

This is not a workshop that you attend and then shelve. Its life-changing methods are reinforced with continued peer support, and the follow-up CARE program is guaranteed to attract financial abundance and keep it flowing in increasing quantities through multiple sources on a regular basis. This is your opportunity to step out of where you are financially, and step into where you want to be. See what people have said about it below!

There are only a few places left. Share this with someone you know and give them the gift of prosperity too. This incredible life changing workshop regularly $299.97 is NOW ONLY $99.97. What are you waiting for. Limited spaces available. Isn't this what you've been asking for? Act Now to insure your place on the Newly Minted Prosperity List of 2017.

A letter of confirmation, including what you need to bring, will follow once you choose your preferred method of payment

e-transfer, cheque or visa/mc

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The Prosperity Intensive Workshop


Choose a date

time & location

You provide a continental breakfast, lunch or evening snack

10 guests pay $97 each & you

receive $300


519 433 8287


My experience in the workshop was very positive and uplifting. I felt a real shift in my attitude towards money and the after care package continues to support me in this. Georgia is a generous, loving woman who is committed to us and our prosperity. I felt more at ease about my money and an increased level of trust in life/God....that life wants our good and having weath is a good thing. ; >. The food was healthy and delicious. Yes, I would definitely recommend this workshop to others for the value and transformation it offers. Yes, Georgia, I would be happy for you to use my testimonial to support you and prosper you. Thank you! Xoxo. Jane Erb

Hi Georgia

Wow is the word I will use to express how I felt about the workshop. I enjoyed every aspect of the workshop. The level of comfort I felt during the moment I walked in until the minute I left. I absolutely loved the meditation music. I hadn't gone that deep in trance before. My experience with the meditation and visualization throughout the initial part with regards to clearing the cache had an impact on me. I also like the tangible exercises with the $100 dollar bill, the twoonies and the idea of gifting $5 bills. I appreciated the way we would meditate in our own personal way, without feeling that our personal history was being revealed with regards to money.

I did feel a difference with my emotional relationship from when I arrived to when I left. I realized that it is simply put, letting go of past thoughts, barriers and roadblocks leading to scarcity is definitely uplifting and freeing. The more I believe and think of prosperity, the more it will appear!

As for the food, delicious! The continental breakfast was healthy and tasty.

I would definitely recommend the workshop, as it covered a wide spectrum of the prosperity. Renee Sawa

LOVED it!!!!! J Georgia March is a truly amazing presenter! It was the most unique approach to money and prosperity training I’ve ever encountered. I loved the integration of spiritual principles and the truths around misperceptions with money and prosperity. The group approach fostered camaraderie and support just knowing that we share in the need of healing in this area. It was fun and light which encourages more of an impact with the experiential learning approach.

Did you notice a difference in your emotional relationship with prosperity between the time you arrived and the time you left?

Absolutely!! I felt much more excited and positive about the prospective growth and healing in that area of my life. My relationship with money has been a “thorn in the side” kind of experience since I can remember. So, to leave feeling hopeful and relaxed about enjoying a prosperous life is tremendous indeed!

How was the food?

Wonderful!! Delicious and healthy! Just enough with ample choices of food.

Would you recommend this workshop to someone else?

Absolutely!!! So much so, I would like to host one or more of these workshops! J

Laurie N.

I really enjoyed the workshop and found it very positive and uplifting. It was great to access the Akashic Records and realize what my major block to prosperity is. I also enjoyed the group exercises. My favourite though, was the giving out of the $5 bills. That gave me such a high! I appreciated the support materials very much, too.

I would say that I've noticed a shift with my emotional relationship with prosperity since the start of the workshop. I went from thinking it is something I shouldn't necessarily want to realizing it is my right and that I am embracing it.

Food was great. Yes, I would recommend the workshop to someone else. Lorraine M.

I was able to understand Prosperity in a different manner.

Did you notice a difference in your emotional relationship with prosperity between the time you arrived and the time you left? Yes

Great selection for Brunch. thank you

I would you recommend this workshop to someone else? Pat P.

I enjoyed clearing my mind and being open and present so that I could focus on what I was learning and absorbing

There was a lighter feeling inside and I loved paying it forward later that day with my $5 dollar bills, that felt so good!

The food was very good

Yes, I would recommend this workshop to someone else? Alenka M.

I really enjoyed the workshop. I loved all the exercises you had us do, especially the one where we washed out the brain! I also liked the meditation, where we had the choice to change what we do not need anymore!!!

The energy in the room was great and I loved seeing with the exercises that we did that prosperity is neutral, it comes in and goes out, that money is neutral and that I have the power.

The food was gluten free-Yay!!! Really enjoyed the fresh fruit as well.

I would recommend the workshop

Thank you for being so wonderful Xoxo Judy T.

I really enjoyed all the different aspects of the work shop. Each in their own way was a journeying into Prosperity. My first choice would be the Akashic Records because for me this is going to the Source

My emotional relationship with money felt very grounded to me. I also felt good about the receiving and giving freely of money and realized Prosperity is attainable for anyone and all around us. I left feeling very positive and encouraged. Georgia is very concerned and interested in each participant and truly wants Prosperity for all of us. Truly an uplifting, enjoyable, exciting and inviting adventure into the world of Prosperity. Thank you.

The food was delicious. Great variety with slices of oranges, cantaloupes, kiwi,sweet blueberries. The homemade muffins and egg cupcakes were very tasty as well. There was also oven toasted English muffins Mmmmmmm.

To top off the breakfast delicious coffee (nice and flavourful),an assortment of teas and hot water, and water were available.

All in all a wonderful and satisfy breakfast not only to the palette but to the eye as well.

I will recommend the workshop and plan to attend again. Patty K

I found that the cell level healing very healing and transforming. Georgia is a wonderful positive and inspiring women who provides a safe, comfortable and caring environment where I could experience the cell level healing with confidence in the knowledge that this process works. I would do this more than once to receive all the benefits. Patty Keffer. Love. ❤️❤️❤️

Coaching with Georgia: TC

Great coaching. She held me accountable. Very insightful. She has a creative way of thinking about things. Completely different mind set to one which was refreshing and challenging. I thought the course I was on was a good course/direction. I soon realized there was so much I could improve on. I felt, initially, that I had no direction. I had dreams but wasn't doing anything to move forward with them. I really benefited from your meditations! Very helpful. I liked the visualizations. They carried through the week and to present time.

Coaching with Georgia: Jane

I recognized that I needed support and the encouragement that Georgia provided me in a nurturing way. During the course I really started to get clear about pursuing a long held dream and following up with action. I believe have the tools and a sense of built in operating system and think I will continue to practice. From the course overall, I noticed the best results in relationships. It was definitely a journey and I appreciated Georgia's love and support for me throughout the process. She never gave up me no matter my resistance to this process of transformation.

Coaching with Georgia: Christine Barrie

Prior to the course I was stuck, not knowing how to move ahead with my career as an artist. I was unable to continue work I had started. During the course I experienced a gigantic move forward with my feelings of self-worth. I truly feel I have the tools and operating system now to continuously improve my life. I noticed significant improvements in vocational and relationship areas of my life as well as improved health and time/money freedom. Georgia's coaching went way beyond my expectations. She was very supportive, insightful and genuine. I would absolutely recommend Georgia and her program to others.

Coaching with Georgia: Edna

I felt excited and privileged to have the opportunity to learn from Georgia, to be exposed to the learning that she has done in her life and grow into more joy and vitality that she expresses. During the course I experienced myself growing in self-acceptance and in loving myself. I believe I have the tools and operating system now to continuously improve my life. I noticed results in areas of health, time/money freedom and relationships. Georgia is a great coach! She challenges me to deal with what is currently going on in my life and offers new processes for dealing with issues. I would definitely recommend Georgia and the Dream Building program to others.

Coaching with Georgia: Carmen Lamond

Prior to the course I felt lost, my life had no future. I didn't care if I lived or died. The biggest transformation I experienced during the course was that I have control, I can build a future. I have the power. I believe have the tools and built in operating system to continuously improve my life. If I apply what I now know, I believe I can do anything. It's just up to me and I know that making things happen really is not hard. I think Georgia did a great job. I looked forward to our sessions. I always felt better after.                                        

Coaching with Georgia: Patty

I have benefited immensely from this course. By following the program I was able to make positive changes to my present experience. I find I am more content and happy and use the Dalai Lama prayer all the time which makes me feel good. I have found myself content and happy in the workplace. I have noticed improved communication in my relationships. I have noticed a feeling of freedom in my money and now "time is on my side". The coaching with Georgia was a very important part of the process. I was given tips on how to proceed with the program. I was encouraged to make changes. I found the meetings very uplifting and positive. I would definitely recommend the Dream Building with Georgia program to others.

Coaching with Georgia: Bonnie

Prior to starting the course I felt sad, unsure of myself, like I was stuck and couldn't move on even though I had good things in my life. The biggest transformation in myself during the course was feeling happier and more content and peaceful; finding ways to cope with anxiety, opening my heart to be cared about and to care for someone else, changing my reactions and thought patterns, liking myself for who I am, appreciating what is already in my life and building on it. I believe I now have the tools and built in operating system for continuously improving my life. My experience of Georgia as a coach and the evocative coaching method was that she is a good listener; encouraging; good suggestions for my personal experience; non-judgemental. I would recommend Georgia and the Dream Building program to others.


Celine’s dream was to be happy in and outside of her family, to have a group of women friends and explore her creativity doing something she loved. Celine’s husband was transferred 2000 kilometres away and she was diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer. Georgia used empowering techniques to guide Celine through a double mastectomy, the move that came immediately after the operation and on toward her dream. Celine is now living in a home she loves. She is building a serenity garden outside the master bedroom. She found an incredibly supportive, dynamic group of women friends who meet several times a week to swim and row. Her husband works better hours and is happy in his new job. Celine’s teenage daughter adjusted easily to the move and has become a great helper at home.

Megan’s dream was to live and work with her boyfriend in France. She wanted to retain close contact with her family while exerting her independence. She was studying at university, unable to find a topic for her thesis and working two jobs to make ends meet. Through Georgia’s encouragement and mentoring Megan is now living in France with her boyfriend and continuing her master’s degree on an unexpected scholarship. She found a topic for her thesis that is helping herself and others to grow. Megan has been offered full time, permanent employment at the university in France after her studies are complete. Her family has come to visit her once and are planning to go again.

Carolyn’s dream was to explore her creative side, to work better hours doing work she loves, to travel more and for her son, who has As Berger’s Syndrome and lives in her house to have gainful employment. Carolyn had a good job that paid well but the hours were demanding and irregular; she was being called in unexpectedly when she had other plans. Through Georgia’s twelve week acceleration program Carolyn took up watercolour painting and was able to paint through a recurring nightmare. She is now working at her dream job, nine to five weekdays and enjoying her free evenings and weekends. Her son got a job he can do from home and she just got back from Hawaii.

Valerie’s dream was to be healthy, have good relationships with her family and find her life’s purpose. She had a rare disease that required chemotherapy and radiation. Georgia used art to guide Valerie and open the door to her health and purpose through undiscovered talents. Valerie is now creating beautiful paintings. She has regained her health and was able to withdraw from further chemotherapy and radiation treatments. She developed a better relationship with her mother and is now writing a book about her healing experience.

Patti’s dream was to live peacefully with her family, to find work she loves, garden and become independent. Patti was tired most of the time; she drove her partner to and from work, had an estranged brother and was unemployed. Georgia’s extended personal development program Patti formed a respectful, honouring relationship with her partner. He got his own vehicle and she no longer drove him anywhere. Her brother came to live with her for a few months and they formed a close bond. Patti moved to a new house in a creative community, started making crafts, created a personal space in her home to work, inherited a magnificent garden and planted her own seeds. Patti is making a good salary selling her crafts at fairs throughout the county she lives in.

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