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Georgia March is a speaker who engages and inspires with humor and a superb story telling ability that encourages and initiates positive change. She employs her rich life experience as an author, coach and traveller to deliver a powerful message., "All things are possible it's just a matter of deciding what you truly want."

Between 1993 and 2009 Georgia lived in Spain, Turkey, Brazil and North Africa

Comments from audience members such as, “Georgia's recanting of her colourful history, coupled with her sincere optimism, leave those lucky enough to hear her wise words not only in a Zen-like state – but moreover, ready to take action in their own lives!”, “I just wanted you to know how "blown away" I was by your talk”, “Everyone was engaged with you. Everything you said was true for each and every one of us, especially with me. It means I am successful and I am amazing.”

Georgia March is a Dream Builder.

She knows the secret to living your dreams;

her passion is to share it.


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