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"Being crippled by an emotional story never let's you get to the best possible outcome or the best possible version of yourself." ~ Georgia March, Supervening 2019

Hypnosis is about having a pleasant conversation with the sub-conscious mind and any day that happens is a good day. Supervening is about changing your history permanently through a program Georgia March created after she had excellent results by altering her history. Georgia's Story:  For many years I’ve been an artist. I worked with a variety of mediums. Although I could draw or paint people they didn’t really look like the subject I drew. I wanted to be a good portrait artist. While I thought about this a memory surfaced. When I was a child my father drew pictures of nude women. read more... 


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improving relationships

weight issues 




stress management


pain management 

stop procrastination 

asthma and anxiety and rapid healing

fears and phobias

teeth grinding and nail biting

And so much more!                       

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C                                       Same Time Next Year

Do you find yourself returning to the same pattern every year?  Meeting the same kind of people or find yourself ending up in similar situations  over and over again? You think this time is going to be different; I've learned that lesson and then BAM! You're right back where you started clawing your way out again.  Supervening is  a way out of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Empathic feelings and ...read more   https://www.georgiamarch.ca/hypnosis  

Georgia is currently writing a book about the Supervening process, editing her second novel, 'The Trouble With Harry, set in the Old South of London, Ontario and  is co-authroing with Christine Grim a non-fiction book based  on her mother's life in Holland during the second world war.   Contact Georgia for more information about her Ghost Writing services. and befor you know it you'll be holding a copy of your book in your hand.