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"Being crippled by an emotional

story never let's you get to the best possible outcome or the best possible version of yourself." ~ Georgia March, From SUPERVENING To SUPERBEING, ReWriting Your History Permanently, 2019 

Hypnosis is about having a pleasant conversation with the subconscious mind and any day that happens is a good day. Supervening is about changing your history permanently through a program Georgia March created after she had excellent results by altering her history. Her Story:  For many years I’ve been an artist. I worked with a variety of mediums. Although I could draw or paint people they didn’t really look like the subject I drew. I wanted to be a good portrait artist. While I thought about this a memory surfaced. When I was a child my father drew pictures of nude women. read more... 


Hypnobiz Canada, the Canadian  Hypnosis Conference, 2019 coming to Hypnobiz Ottawa in 2020

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Georgia is currently in the process of publishing her second novel, 'The TROUBLE With HARRY, A Harry Hanover Mystery set in the Old South of London, Ontario.  Contact Georgia for more information about her books for your group or book club.


                               Story telling is the key to a great presentation. 



Our Relatives and Friends in Spirit have messages that can answer questions, guide you or simply bring you a deep sense of peace. Connecting with our loved ones and spiritual guides is a natural occurance. They are there to help you and meeting with them in a safe, protected environement is one of the oldest mystical experiences.  Read more... https://www.georgiamarch.ca/spirit-girl

Individual Supervening Program

 Hypnobiz Canada 2019

 You can be a Superbeing


If you are reading this you probably have a strong connection to Angels.  The Angels are here for us that is their Soul's purpose. They love you and want to help you. Their voices can be heard cheering you on to every success and bringing deep penetrating comfort when you fall. These Beings of Light are magnificent healers...Read more... https://www.georgiamarch.ca/spirit-girl


If you haven't heard Georgia speak you're missing out on a lot of good stories. Here's one. "I was a single woman riding on a bus through Morocco on my way to hitchhike a ride across the Sahara desert. We were almost at the end of the journey made doubly long because every guard at each outpost, there were several wanted to meet me. Night was moving in and I was trepidatious about getting off the bus alone.