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   Because Solutions Are Within ...  

Hypnosis is about having a pleasant conversation with the sub-conscious mind and any day that happens is a good day.

What can hypnosis do for you?  It's the pleasant solution for all the goals you want to reach because when everything else has failed you can find the answer within the sub conscious mind.

Why hypnosis?  The astounding, unlimited results speak for themselves.  For even faster results choose SUPERVENING, see the Hypnosis Page for details.

Hypnotise me!


improving relationships

weight issues 


anger and stress management

stop smoking and other addictions

golf and other sport improvement 

pain management and pain free childbirth 

asthma and anxiety and rapid healing

fears and phobias

teeth grinding and nail biting


reaching goals and succeeding

and so much more!                         

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Tree Drawing Analysis

What can a tree tell you?You could imagine what lies in the subconscious mind or simply draw a tree and discover your personality traits and so much more.

What is calling you to hypnosis? 

Choose one thing from the list on the left and write seven benefits you will attain by not having this in your life because you're ready. Now  book an appointment for a complimentary 20 minute assessment session to discover if you are a good candidate for hypnosis.

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