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SHAMANIC FOOTSTEPS  ...  the healing path

Step into Shamanic Footsteps and learn the benefits of this magical alternative medicine for the soul. Through communication with ancestors and the spirit world the Shaman restores harmony and brings oneness to both the physical and emotional body. This amazing book unlocks the mystery between metaphysical and ordinary reality. It provides clarity, remarkable examples of Shamanism in progress and practical exercises.             BUY NOW 

The Cat, The Belly Dancer & the Cello
This fictional novel is a magical, amusing tale of unexpected mystery and danger set in exotic Turkey.  Unexpected danger ensnares two belly dancers from Istanbul who tackle it with light-hearted ease until their efforts are met with sinister results.  At the same time a Canadian woman and her boyfriend venture through the centre of Turkey experiencing calamity and chaos as they invest in property.  Sequentially, two cats relay their own history and ideas of justice as construction moves in and infringes on their territory.  All parties converge on the idyllic seaside village of Kas for an explosive conclusion.

9 Steps to Happiness! - Ta,da!
A self help book on how humour, taming monkey mind, creating a money honey and doing other easy exercises can give you happiness, help you attract love and increase your wellness and vitality. It will give you enormous power and stop you from getting wrinkles. If you don’t believe that at least you’ll learn how to enjoy the time you have left, ha, ha, ha!          BUY NOW  


Georgia March & David Simpson are the force behind Eclectic Voice a jazz and blues band offering an eclectic mix of smooth and sizzling music for public and private functions. Click on the link to hear their album, which features Ray Ovington on drums.  

'Inappropriate Shoes' 



Now you can Journey confidently, in the comfort of your own home at any time. This series is perfect whether you are a novice or seasoned practitioner. Embrace your personal power and grow to new heights. The titles in this series include:

POWER ANIMAL - meet or reunite with your Animal Spirit Guide. It will protect you, nudge you in the right direction and warn you of impending danger. This is a sacred friend with important messages to impart who leads you onto your life path.

MEDICINE WOMAN - leads you to the Lower World and the sacred place of healing where our thoughts and emotions are rooted. Your interaction with this ancient ancestor will help you to access your subconscious mind on a deeper level to promote healing of body mind and spirit.        BUY NOW 

THE TREE OF LIFE - takes you to the Middle World where everything may appear brighter, larger than life and more sharply defined. It is a place of inter-connectedness and personal growth giving you an opportunity to evolve to a higher Here, it is possible to develop psychic awareness and a heightened sense of intuition.               BUY NOW   

LIFE PURPOSE - guides you to the Upper World where sacred spirit teachers dwell. It is a place of brilliant light energy and stars where you may connect with your personal celestial guide who is waiting to share wisdom and enlightenment about your life purpose.             BUY NOW 

MAKE IT YOUR OWN - This disc is designed to allow you to experience your very own personal journey effortlessly at any time. Thirty relaxing minutes of uninterrupted sacred drum and rattle offers you the ability to call in your spiritual guides and drift beyond the veil to wherever the path leads you.